No Tip Jar?!

You’re not just supporting us, but supporting our TEAm!
Following the various Asian cultures, we do not accept tips at our café.

This restricts employees from playing favorites. Our standard for customer service is that everyone should be treated the equally, as we create an atmosphere of positivi-tea!

Our employees do not rely on their tips because they receive automatic pay raises based on employment history and PTO (paid time off). In addition, staff are provided meals on every shift worked! 

“…an employer MUST pay at least $2.13 an hour to tipped employees as long as each employee receives enough in tips to make up the difference between the wages paid and the minimum wage ($7.25),” as stated on North Carolina’s Department of Labor’s webpage. Thus customers are actually paying the staff members to work.

Hence, the best way for you to tip our staff is to keep coming back, give us good reviews, and spread the word :)!