Eco-Friendly Steps

Our Eco Mission
As we are so close to the coast, we strive to incorporate eco-friendly ways to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle within the store such as offering recycled, recyclable and compostable materials! Composting helps divert waste from landfills and is a great way to improve vital soil resources and divert waste that would otherwise be landfilled.

Many businesses don’t seek eco-friendly solutions as they are more costly to the business, but we seek to inspire local shops in the food industry to be the change. If you think about it, if everyone gets on board and increases orders, the overall cost of items will decrease. 

Bamboo Fiber Straws
Instead of paper straws that get soggy, we chose bamboo fiber straws – wrapped individually in paper! They are produced in Taiwan and consist of 70% bamboo fiber (freshly collected bamboo, then ground into a fine powder) and 30% starch (used as a binding material). This makes them compostable and biodegradable within 4-6 months in optimal conditions.

Eco Product Blue Stripe Cups: 
We currently utilize the blue stripe cups - made of 90% post consumer materials (30% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles). The cup performs just like a traditional plastic cup, while using less virgin petroleum. The recycled content in this cup helps reduce landfill waste!

Green Stripe Cups
Sometimes, based on availability, we switch to Green Stripe cups. These are made from renewable resources and PLA, Polylactic acid or "corn plastic" (made from annually renewable resources), instead of petroleum (used in traditional plastics). It meets ASTM standards for compost ability.

Eco Product Sip/Dome Lids
We offer a compostable sip lid – made from renewable sources -  for all our drinks. Added bonus for those who do not have toppings and do not require a straw! And yes, the boba straw fits through the sip lid!

Eco Product Portion Cups and Lids
Our house sauce for popcorn chicken comes in a portion cup and lid made of compostable reclaimed and 100% rapidly renewable sugarcane fibers. They are also BPI certified compostable.

Eco Product Grip Cup Sleeves
For our hot drinks or upon request, we utilize renewable, compostable, and recyclable grip cup sleeves. These are made of 100% recycled content with up to 85% post-consumer waste. These are also BPI certified compostable.

Fold-To-Go Take Out Container
These are made of heavy-duty paperboard (recyclable!) with a poly lining (makes it microwavable, stackable, cut resistant, leak-resistant, and grease resistant).

Cup Carriers
Our 4/5 cup carriers are made of 100% percent recycled paper.

Paper Towels
When washing your hands inside our store, we use paper towels made of 100 percent recycled content and is unbleached (a natural brown color, no dyes or bleach).

Trash bags
Plastic tshirt bags are still widely used in our community and only a few places such as Publix, Walmart, and Food Lion recycles them - if people drop them off. We reuse them for our smaller trash cans and that helps reduce further trash (as in us buying more trash bags for usage).

AC Filters 
We utilize a reusable AC filter that can be rinsed down and reused.

Toilet Paper
Our toilet paper is made from recycled material. 

Last but not least, we partner with Cintas for less plastic chemical waste. They refill our cleaning chemicals in a reusable container. 

Let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions that will help better the environment.
We try to take a win wherever possible with reducing, reusing, and recycling :)

Where can one compost in town?​​​​​​​
MILK ROAD offers FOOD composting! They give compost away in the spring!