Join our TEAm!

Thank you for your interest in joining our TEAm!
We are not hiring at the moment, but are taking applications for when we do!
If you wish to be added to our waitlist, please attach the following as ONE PDF FILE. 

Page 1:
  • Professional Resume - should not exceed one page
Page 2:
  • Professional References (4)
  • Availability - Must list days and times. Shifts can be range from 8AM - 11PM. 
Additional Instructions (WE CHECK IF YOU PAY ATTENTION!):
  • Please repeat resume header on both pages so your documents do not get lost amidst others when we print them out. 
  • Please do not include your full address as we do not need that until you are hired. Please only put City, State.
  • Please have a professonal email. 
  • Please name the PDF file "First Name Last Name Resume". We do not want your resume to be downloaded as Resume(16).
  • DO NOT send a blank resume. Volunteer experience counts!
  • There should be at least 3-5 bullet points underneath each experience detailing what you did at that job. Please use the right tense!
If you are selected for an interview, here are some things that wil prepare you. 
  • Please review our website information.
  • Please keep up to date on all Instagram Posts and stories.
  • Please dress professionally - do not wear jeans or open toed shoes. 
  • Please bring two copies of your resume, availability and references. (One for the interviewer to keep and one for you to take notes on any suggested edits). 

Applications - Cashier 16+

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